Write 4 Gold in Halle/Saale





Some impressions from the Write 4 Gold german graffiti championchip in Halle/Saale.

19 Crews from all over Germany, very different results, very different interpretations of the Topic of the Day „Rest in Peace“ and fresh „Iz the Wiz“ and „Michael Jackson“ memorial Walls, Throwups and Sketches. This is Write4Gold Germany 2009. Thanks and big Respect to all crews who came over, exciting event and exciting Day in Halle. At the very end of the contest it was time to release the final Results, it never has been so close even W4G never got 19 crews has been participating at one event. That made the Results very mixed and it all ended up with the following Results.

Follow up:

Throwups (Word: Wiz)
1. BJMP Crew (Bremen)
2. CMD Crew (Berlin)
3. Hellefants (Cologne)

Tagging (Word: Shake)
1. Team Bielefeld (Bielefeld)
2. Playboys (Braunschweig, Berlin)
3. Bandits (Dresden)

Sketching (Word: Bad)
1. UWAX (Chemnitz)
2. Bandits (Dresden)
3. Tiefsilo (Magdeburg/Stuttgart)
H.A.D.S. (Halle an der Saale)

Concept Painting (Topic: Rest in Peace)
1. Authentics (Hamburg)
2. CMD Crew (Berlin)
3.Tiefsilo (Magdeburg/Stuttgart)
Bionic 6 (Hamburg/Braunschweig)
Bandits (Dresden)