My name is Sebastian B.ASH. For me graffiti is a form of expression and creative valve at once. My letters are moody, unadjusted and strange. Individuality and character are more important than pleasing someone or to follow the trend. Every painted picture reflects the actual circumstances of my life. Know-how, improvisation, surprise and variety are keystones of my way of painting.

Since I started graffiti in 1996 in Magdeburg, I couldn’t divine the momentousness of this culture. Indeed there was already graffiti going on in my hometown, but I recognized all of it more or less casually. When I met someone, who painted words, he could only read, I took a great interest in that topic. Nevertheless it took a while, until it clicked and I was often on the point of breaking off.

The first two years I spent a lot of time with sketching and I did just a few little paintings on walls. I shared sketches, ideas and thoughts with my crew mates MAIK other graffiti writers and the first partnerships came up. With the first crew the first philosophy developed and I plunged deeper and deeper into that topic.

In 1999 I met Turok and Jety, the co-founders of the FNS CREW which was later renamed in TIEFSILO CREW. This time had a big influence on me. Lots of commission artworks and exhibitions the years after improved my technical, conceptual and artistic way of working.

Since 2012, after living 5 years nearby Stuttgart, i´m living and working in Berlin. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sebastianb.ash/
Email: info[at]sebastianbash.com